Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alcohol & its Sidey Effects

Many things happen to you after you quit drinking (social drinking...before someone labels me as an ex-alcoholic), although almost being involved in a car crash was not supposed to be one of them, however refusing to take chances I started drinking (socially)immediately. Then, even worse things happened & before i thought i would be the last man standing God stopped & after having grieved enough i realised that there was still a crowd around me & the buses were still full & whatever would happen to me i was sure i would not be the last man standing, far from it, i wouldn't have a place to stand. And the life as of now goes on.

Work meanwhile is great, again alcohol helps in making sense...a senior of mine, whom i haven't spoken to since the great flood, decides to thank me, besides a few other people, for the promotion he received & forces me into remembering if i had lent him money on any occasion & ways to recover it now. People have also been approaching me & insisting me to reduce their taxes & almost accuse me of firstly paying them salaries & then making laws to snatch their hard earned money by way of taxes to finance the field trials of "Arjun Tanks" for the past 50 odd years. Which makes me wonder if they have replaced the old steam engine with a internal combustion engine during the last 50 years. We have tlevision sets installed in the office but no one is supposed to watch them, why instal them in the first place if i cant watch the cricket match? Me & some guys from work, have also found a new watering hole aptly named "sagar" across another actual watering hole named Powai Lake get drunk & try to sort out the work issues. The bar that we would visit, located opposite IIT was also good, however the total iq level of the people inside bar was around 10% of the country's & after being stone drunk we would end up looking absolutely stupid, sometimes we would just act drunk to have an excuse for our stupidity. I am sure by now the waiters of that bar have already finished their work on the Unified Theory. Our this new watering hole is an open air joint & few of the places where smoking is allowed or is legal (as almost all the bars 'allow' smoking) & for us non-smokers the traffic down on the road is a good option to breathe in carcinogens while drinking, so that we dont miss out on the effects of cigarettes. The other drunkards (used due to the lack of a better word)are also generally social here, they will generally join you on the table, screw your brains with any topic that catches their fancy. I had one uncle teach me electrical wiring & ways to get electrical plans approved in the BMC for new constructions(wtf?? i couldnt get my duplicate birth certificate from the BMC, i dont exist as far as BMC is concerned...& also for my friends who keep ignoring me). The uncle has left me his visiting card if anyone wants the wiring of their houses, buildings, mohallas done. Another reason to drop out of school, get alcoholic & learn new'd still earn more than me. On other normal days ask for the old monk & see the twilight sky being reflected in the Powai Lake...if the waiter does'nt screw up the chicken tikka then you have a job to do in saving the waiter from the clutches of Ashwin fun.

On the home front...the traffic on the main road has got worse, the cops thought that they would actually discipline us by putting traffic signals. They have instead made more people break law by speeding. The small gap in the road divider right opposite our main gate made to enable pedestrians to cross road has become a new sport for me. You actually need to race with old people to reach that gap first, not get tripped on the walking stick of the grandpop behind you & maintain your balance till the cars come to a stop coz of the signal, after which you can cross to the other side. I can visualize an accident happening there caused by some old dude trying to beat me to the place, lose his balance, & get hit by a speeding car which wants to make the turn before the signal turns red. If the cops can only do something so that psychos don't touch 80 on the stretch to make the light & i promise not to have a road crossing race with old folks (loss of a good sport for them though).

I don't know what made me write so it is only deserving that i end abruptly. I will however warn you that i am in between a story on gilbert hill, its history & the effects that it had on the young kids growing up in its vicinity, i don't know how much more time it will take to finish or if it will ever finish, but try we must. I am also sorry to see how builders have destroyed the hill in order to earn a few crores...they could've done that arranging field trials of the Arjun Tank, they didn't have to destroy an amazing rock.


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